Walter Van der Perren


Standing still and going slow.
In times when expectations are so very high this all sounds quite surreal. Homo economicus shudders at the very thought. Standing still really is a last resort.Yet the photos in this book are an ode to standing still.

My story began in wintry Iceland, where light appears in a myriad shades of white. I stood eye-to-eye with a wondrous canvas, with its stark emptiness, echoing our planet’s primal forces. I tried to capture this experience in images.

Lightness surprises as she attacks,
without pity she casts us to the void,
for fleeting glimpses of purity, where
in insignificance we shall never relax.

It was the start of a quest, looking at our world for those lost layers. It became the exploration of subtle nuances, of fuzzy fragility and awakening lightness.Colours became shades, lines became blurred. Photography to reveal what the eye first did not see, an attempt to capture the subtle, the pure. Seeing those nuances the perfect antidote to toeing the line, our black-and-white existence, so strict and
set in stone. ‘Slow Photography’ as the emancipation of the gaze.

Now it’s your turn to experience the images. Does the power of standing still and observation reveal itself?

WVDP – Walter Van der Perren
Photo essay ‘Hidden Lightness’

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