Wim Sempels - Art label Hogradelish

Wim Sempels - Art label Hogradelish

The artwork originate from a certain view on the world we live in, but also from images in my head and architectural structures. Everything we see around us, is an inspiration for me. By looking around and zooming in on things, searching for details, the inspiration begins to flow.

In some compositions you will clearly recognize faces. They intrigue me because they all have their own story. Some of my compositions are more abstract. Explaining how they come together is impossible. My interest in architectural structures and visual concepts are an important inspiration for all my designs. All components and their context ensure that each creation reflects its own identity and integrity.

My experience in graphic design helps me to display all these elements. It is a non-stop process of applying, learning, creating, combining, illustrating, ...

All artwork are limited edition prints, max 10 prints, and are printed on aluminum.


Wim Sempels

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