Living more consciously, the starting point.

Living more consciously, the starting point.

“It begins with simply to understand quality” Zada


Living more consciously, this is the starting point to everything.

Most of the times it begins with our eating habits, then we gradually start to live differently. Being more conscious about our clothes and the way we dress ourselves is often the last part.

But once we’ve reached this stage a lot of questions start to come to mind.

The manufacturing processes of our clothes and the fabrics aren’t interessting enough, are too boring. The labour conditions in the factories are too hard. Who actually cares? All these matters are (most of the times) too far located/are too distant for us. We’ve become estranged to the making of our clothes.

What counts for the average person is the price: the lower, the better.

But by being more conscious minded about our clothes, we help our planet, the animals and even ourselves.

We want to launch beautiful garments combined with stustainability and consciousness.

Synthetic fabrics are everywhere now a days: in our active wear, our pajama’s and even in our underwear.

Guys, we’ve forgotten how heavenly soft hemp and linnen can feel.

Let us all launch this new trend of buying more consciously and bring shopping to a whole new level.

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